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Music Services

Are you looking for music for a group, website or event? Daniele can produce original music for your product or website. He can produce a unique mix of music for your brand or special event. 


Dance groups

If you are looking for seamless and professional music mixes for your dance groups to perform to, please get in touch. Daniele can produce mixes and mashups in any style to suit the needs of your group. 


Websites, Weddings or special events

Daniele can produce original music for you to use on your website, at your wedding or any other types of professional or corporate events. 


Recording and Production Service

With over 20 years’ experience in the music industry, Daniele can record and mix the music from any individual or group in any location. Whether you are looking to record a demo in a professional recording studio or a performance at an event, Daniele can help you. 

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