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Past & Present Work

Present work

Leeds West Academy

I am a DJ and Music Production peripatetic music teacher at the academy one day a week. I deliver 20 minute lessons to pairs and small groups of all ages. Over the last 3 years I have supported numerous pupils with the performance element of their GCSE and BTEC qualifications using DJ skills.

Rodillian Arts Festival

In 2018 and 2019, I was one of the main arts practitioners on the festival project.  I worked with Southway (alternative provision) where I supported the pupils to produce music which they then performed live at the festival. I worked with a group of students from Broomfield SEND school where they performed live using various pieces of music technology equipment. I also supported young people attending Rodillian Academy to perform live using music production equipment and some DJed live too.

Kirklees Library Service

I have started a project with the library service called ‘Being All I Can Be’working with ‘at risk’ and ‘hard to reach’ young people in Huddersfield.Participants are producing music and writing raps which we will record in a studio. We will be using Arts Award Bronze as a framework and to accredit the activities.

CelloFest International Summer School

During the summer 2018 and 2019 I was part of the faculty at the Suzuki Summer School. My first year involved working with the students to support them to sample their instruments and sounds within the classroom setting and then create original music using these sounds. In 2019, I helped the group I worked with choose some popular songs, which we then re-created live using a range of music technology performance equipment.


Arts Award training and support

I am part of the Arts Award training and support panel from Trinity College London. I deliver Discover & Explore and Bronze & Silver training to the public and in-house to various organisations throughout the year. For amore information about Arts Award visit 


Past work

DJ School UK C.I.C

I established the Community Interest Company in 2013 and helped turn it into a successful business and organisation. I was successful in applying for and receiving funding from Arts Council England and Youth Music amongst others. I project managed various projects including Princes Trust Get Started with DJing, Girls Only DJ Club, Urban Arts Week 2017 & 2018 and Project Pulse (Partnership project with Yorkshire Dance and Leeds Playhouse). I left DJ School UK in 2019 to pursue my freelance work.


Wetherby Youth Offenders Institute

I visited the institute regularly to deliver DJ workshops to the young people during their recreational time. This acted more as a ‘drop-in’ style, where I encouraged young people to take part and once I showed them the ropes, they took over and could DJ to their peers. Some even rapped freestyle whilst others DJed.


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